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What is Drone Photography?

Drones are a cheap and simple alternative to accessing photographic media from the air. Previously these shots could only be achieved from helicopters or airplanes, which you can imagine is very expensive and problematic.

Drones or UAV's  now make this kind of photography accessible to ordinary folk for Cinematic videos of your home or workplace, for Weddings or small events (below 1000 people), Surveys, Inspections or  Film Production. In fact the list of services we can supply are limited only by your imagination...

Introducing Eagle Drones

Green Lane, Chislehurst

We are owned and run by businessman Tony Breen, with 30 years experience in the marketing and media service industry. He holds a CAA fixed wing Private Pilots License and is a CAA PfCo Commercial Drone Pilot.

Our philosophy is simple, good old fashioned service coupled with the highest levels of safety and professionalism. We are here to help you achieve whatever you want to achieve, and if that means going that extra mile, then we will put on our running shoes.

We are committed to your safety and the safety of the public and make sure every job is carried out under strict health and safety guidelines, and then some, to insure your safety and the safety of general public. We are also fully insured just incase the worst should happen.

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Phantom 4 Pro

We can supply your media raw and un-edited or we can convert your video into a beautifully edited finished product all in-house.

Prices typically start from £200 for a Real Estate project or roof inspection not including editing, or £250 with a basic pre-production edit.

So you see, it's not that expensive! (well, not compared to hiring a helicopter for a day.)

Explore the website, and check out or sample show reels, and then give me a call or drop me an email  to discuss your project and budgets.

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Our Services


Casa Redonda, Portugal

Drone aerial photography has become a very valuable marketing tool when selling a property. Make your home stand out from the rest, or get a movie of your house and garden just for your own home movie collection.


Wedding Venue

Add a bit of Hollywood Production to your wedding video. Aerial photography and video will add that extra element of glamour and professional production quality to the Movie of your magical day.


Balloon Race

Whether it's a sporting event, a village fete, or an exhibition we can get the shots that are simply impossible from land based cameras. 


Roof Inspection

With no ladders or scaffolding required, drones are ideal for close up inspection of roofs, chimney stacks, church steeples etc. We can get in close and take high resolution photo's or videos, within minutes of arriving on site.


London Skyline

Beautiful 4k resolution photo's or sweeping cinematic video up to 60fps to enhance and splice together with land based video's. You tell us the shot your after and leave the rest to us.


flying Drone

We are available for anything your imagination can conjure up. If it's legal and within CAA regulations, we will get you that shot. Your imagination is our only boundary.

A recent Assignment

This is a short video of a job we performed recently. It shows what is possible using drones for surveying.

Using traditional methods this level of information would cost ten times the cost of the drone and would have taken ten times as long.

  • No Ladders, no scaffolding, no heavy boots damaging tiles and no tape measures.


a short show reel of our work


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Eagle Drone Company

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