Roof Inspection and Fly throughs using Aerial Photography

See an example of the kind of data you can get access to with one Drone flight.

Real Estate Project in The Beautiful Algarve

Make your property stand out from the crowd, with stunning drone footage, which has become one of the most powerful ways to market Real Estate.

Church Steeple and Roof inspection

Safely inspect tall buildings such as Church Steeples with you feet firmly on the ground. No scaffolding, no ladders required. These are the jobs Drones are made for.

3D Model of building.

This can be created from our Drone photography footage. There are great possibilities for builders, surveyors and property developers with this kind of survey. Aerial Photography makes it easier, safer and cheaper.

The data available at the click of a mouse includes, measurements, Geo-positioning, volume, and area sizes.

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1200 drones in the sky at once!

Amazing video from the opening of this year Winter Olympics.


A very interesting short documentary about Drones in Cities.