Check out this short video showing what you get from a Drone Roof Survey.

Welcome to Roof Inspection by Drone

Whether you are a Roofing Surveyor, Building Contractor or Insurance Loss Adjuster. Roof Inspections by Drone is a new and innovative way of getting the job done easier, safer, quicker and cheaper. 

Welcome to Roof Inspections by Drone

Quicker, Simpler and Cheaper

Drone in flight

A drone can be in the air and capturing data in minutes.

Accurate Results, Fast

Roof for inspection

Generate high-precision roof reports, 3D models, and DXF files within hours.

Lower Risk and Improved Safety

Roof Repairs

Keep your team safely on the ground and your data in the cloud.

Roof Reports by eagle drones

Roof inspection is dangerous and time-consuming work. But getting up in the air to take measurements by hand or catalog damage has always been a part of doing business.

Every roof inspector, claims adjuster, and solar installer has long dreamed of being able to do their job from the safety of the ground. That’s why we’re excited to introduce you to Roof Report by Eagle Drones.

Get an upclose and personal view, without having to step one foot onto a roof. High resolution photo's, large scale orthomozaic 2D image of entire roof, and 3D models.

Once our team has captured the aerial imagery, creating a roof report is just a few clicks away. Each roof report provides accurate square footage, roof features, pitch, surface area, and slope. And you can rest easy knowing all the measurements are 99.4% accurate. Once your roof report is ready, download a PDF copy or export a DXF output compatible with your existing tools.

Safety and Convenience

Keeping Your Teams feet on the Ground

Imagine being able to visually inspect a roof without the need of scaffolding or even a ladder? This is the convenience a camera drone can give you, plus so much more. In these days ever ever increasing insurance policies and stringent Health and Safety doesn't it make perfect sense to Inspect by Drone?